Beauty Infusions IV Vitamin Drips

Relax in our Infusion Lounge while nourishing your body. (IV) Vitamin Drips deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the body intravenously, bypassing the digestive tract for direct absorption into the bloodstream. This helps increase absorption at the cellular level so the body utilizes the vitamins more efficiently. Get an instantaneous concentration of select nutrients that help maintain optimum wellness and treat acute and chronic conditions. Choose from our custom blends – Energy, Anti-Aging, Detox/Weight Loss, Immunity and Hangover.Add a shot of Anti-Aging with a Glutathione Booster to any blend.


Need a pick me up?  Truth + Beauty’s Energy Infusion is comprised of extra B12, B5, and B6 vitamins to give you an instant boost!  Erase your fatigue, and steer clear of the coffee while supplying your body with all of the vitamins it’s been craving.


Reverse the clock with Truth + Beauty’s Anti-Aging Infusion!  A cocktail of Vitamin C, Biotin, CoQ10 and Glutathione provides a fountain-of-youth effect from the inside out!

Detox/Weight Loss

Slim down while you give your body a healthy boost!  Truth + Beauty’s Detox/Weight-Loss Infusion is the perfect addition to your weight-loss regiment.  Vitamins and minerals supply your body with an appetite suppressant while speeding up your metabolism!


Warning:  You might feel invincible after receiving Truth + Beauty’s Immunity Infusion!  Strengthen your immune system with an influx of Vitamin C, Zinc and Lysine for a refreshing and effective recharge that will have you feeling better in no time!


Truth + Beauty knows that when you work hard, you play hard.  It just happens.  Let us help you reverse last night’s damage with mixture of vitamins that will alleviate nausea, lessen inflammation and completely rehydrate you.

Anti-Aging with Glutathione Booster

The latest technology in anti-aging is instant at Truth + Beauty!  Our Anti-Aging with Glutathione Booster is the ultimate remedy for wrinkles and lackluster skin.  Glow from the inside out!